In which I get spanked like a three year old at WalMart

Dear Internet,

Yesterday was the annual SoFla Automotive Concours d' Elegance. Every year prizes are awarded for the best and pretties and best restored/preserved cars. USUALLY (i.e., historically) the categories go by make of car (Ferrari, Porsche, Fiat, etc.) and therefore I always stood a fighting chance of, not winning exactly, but coming away with some trophy. Not this year.

As the event has grown (from 40something to 200something cars) the rules changed and now we were being judged on not by make of car but by nationality of car AND the judging would be done by People's Choice. This means that in the eye of the public, my rare and what-is-it? car would have to slug it out with Ferraris and Maseratis (one Maserati was custom built for the late Peter Revson, the heir to the Revlon fortune) valued in the high six figures.

Hence the title of this post.

I had fun though, as I got to chat with people I only see once a year, and got to see some unusual cars (like a 1960 Daimler 250 "Dart" which looks like an enraged, steroid-abusing catfish) but NOS was upset that we didn't win. I explained it was because we hadn't gotten the electric wax buffer in time, and that comforted him a little.

But I HATE losing.



--erica said…
I thought the title said "You spanked at three year old at Walmart". I kept thinking.. he doesn't have a three year old does he? This can't be good!!!!!
julia said…
I was wondering what the hell you were doing at a Wal-Mart. *shudder*

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