Beer me, dude.

Dear Internet,

Every once in a while, you make a discovery. While some of these discoveries are not earth-shattering, they do change--permanently, totally, completely, irreversibly--the way you do something.

This beer, Samuel Adams Black Lager, is one such thing. By itself it's a pretty decent quaff. It looks like something in the Guinness stout family, but it actually has a less heavy, far crisper flavor profile. What makes this beer stand out in my mind is the uncanny friendliness it has for Asian and Asian-inspired foods, especially (but not limited to) Japanese food.

Anything that resides in the soy sauce/sesame/ginger triangle will be gloriously complemented by this beer. For lunch I went out with a couple of other SAHPs and since we're all active papists and in Lenten Fish Mode, we opted for Japanese. (This particular restaurant is neat because it has different counters for soba, tempura, teppanyaki, sushi, all filled with For Real Japanese Persons eating thereat, while us clueless American types sit in the central dining room and mix and match with culturally insensitive abandon. The fact this restaurant merits the custom of For Real Japanese Persons is a very good sign.)

Anyway, I ordered the vegetable hosomaki, squid tempura, shrimp ebi kushi and sesame seared tuna and this beer made out in the back seat with all the edibles. This beer was to the food what a Barry White song is to the prom goers of 1977.

Trust me.


Photos from beerpal. com and beeradvocate. com


julia said…
I shall have to seek this out. When I'm done reproducing and lactating and all that other fun stuff. Dark beer can be quite delicious.

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