Just back in from the gym.

I've dropped almost 13 lb. My original target was to drop 15lb, but now let me try for dropping 20lb., see what that does.



Sarah Louise said…
Congratulations! You go guy!

(that is what you were looking for, when you posted this piece of info?)

glad to be of help (to humanity?)

BabelBabe said…
i hate you.

sez bb, trying to button her jeans over her stomach flab
Badger said…
I hope you didn't drop it on your foot.

Thank you! I'm here all week!
And a cymbal with the high hat for Badge! Good for you Joker...wish I could say the same! My booty is going away because I'm vegan for Lent...that's all I can say!
blackbird said…
I am assuming that this particular tidbit of info does not serve to endear you to us.

us women.
Joke said…

It does seem to endear me to my wife, which is convenient seeing has how there are some aspects of our married life she is not eager to outsource.

Sarah Louise said…
Well as long as we're sharing weight loss stories (and Badge, you had me laughing out loud, THANK YOU!)

get the flu for a week.

The aches, the pains, the chills, the thrills...five pounds! I'm still not really interested in food...

and what does she win? Tell her Bob!

An easy word VW: sodss, which I can only guess is what you get when someone can't spell the plural of a word that most Western Pennsylvanians call "pop."
daysgoby said…
As long as that's only poundage, not brain cells...we'd hate to lose your wit and charm!
(in a small voice) and the recipes too!
Poppy Buxom said…
I just want to know why it took five days for that post to show up. I've been checking your blog since Friday and all I got was the show and tell eyes. I was beginning to feel like Muriel in The Great Gatsby--it was worth crashing an expensive sportscar to get rid of the eyes of Dr. Whosit. And I'm sure that's not what you meant.

But what's up? Because I see other people were commenting on March 10th, when I only saw the post today.

Does this mean that successful weight loss requires time travel?
Joke said…

Sometimes one has to do the refresh thing with a blog one revisits with some frequency. I discovered that looking at your blog, which seemed to have been mired in some ancient post, only it really hadn't and it was just my browser not bothering to give me the new stuff.


Poppy Buxom said…
Ew, that's weird. I know that when i post and then "view my blog," I get the old page, so I have to refresh to see how the new post looks.

But I didn't realize my browser hated everyone else, as well.

(Um ... I mean, in addition to me.)

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