You like me! You REALLY like me!

Dear Internet,

I am not one of those instrospective, enuretic navel-gazers who worries unduly about whether "they will like me."

However, that's not 100% true. I just spent this last week worrying this worry. Why? I'll tel you why. Because since I got the car which does not suck and the Very Red car turned twenty, I had to get Collector Car insurance for it. This is because if something--God forbid--should happen to it, my regular car insurance would pay a mere fraction of what the car would cost to replace. To A Big Regular Insurance Company, Inc., a car is a car is a car and it gets driven to work and school and grocery stores. So, without getting into the gyrations thereof, I'd be paying $X for the privilege of getting scrod at crunch time.

So, I head over to look at the various Collector Car insurance websites, and they all have a nice sections where you can get automatic quotes and, if you like what you get, apply. But the application thing is closer to college applications than to the form you get for a P.O. Box. Definitely VERY different from the regular insurance stuff. I had to explain how many miles I'd be driving the car, how many of those miles would be for what purpose, where the car is kept (they require a lockable concrete/cinderblock garage), what's so bloody special about this car, a certified appraisal (which was an ordeal in and of itself, like if your prospective wife took you to the doctor and accountant before accepting your engagement ring), to what auto clubs you belong, and so forth.

Anyway, yesterday we had this...I'll call it "inspection." (To see that the car really exists, and so did the garage, that we had other "eveyday" cars, etc.) Nerve wracking. But we passed!

Now I get to pay LESS THAN HALF of what I paid in "regular" insurance, my car is insured for the value I set on it, I have no deductible and fully ridiculous coverage for everything. Did I say I am now paying less than half with better coverage? Because, if'n you didn't hear, I am now paying less than half with better coverage.

Just today I got the "We at XYZ are pleased to accept you...." letter, which looks like an Inaugural Ball invitation.


P.S. They even have this totally gloss-o-rama car magazine. I feel like Wallis Warfield Simpson.


Carolyn said…
I love your red car.

My husband would sell my soul for that car, especially if the devil threw in your porn grill also.
BabelBabe said…
Joke, my friend, in the past two weeks you have sponsored TWO - not one, but TWO - quizzes all about...YOURSELF. You cannot possibly make me believe that you don't care if the Internet peeps like you, my dear. Fortunately we do. But I'm just sayin'...
Gina said…
I can remember driving around with the boy who would grow up to be my ex-husband, in his dad's 1985 LaBaron, wondering if any cars from that era would ever be cool enough to be considered classic, whatever their age.

Congratulations--your Very Red Car qualifies! :-)
Joke said…

Not exactly. I'm doing it to incentivize lurkers to delurk. That intelligent, clever, witty, fascinating scintillating people end up liking me is not something I worry about, since that sort of thing is usually inexorable.


That made my day! In fact, my next contest will be something along the lines of "Comment of the Month."


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