Confession Sunday

I have to work hard to not think of men who don't wear pocket squares as utter rubes. I often wonder if these pocket squareless men think I'm heterophobic.

I am secretly pleased NOS is turning into a food snob.

I think Ann Coulter is hilarious.

People who go to restaurants and stare at the menu and start in with "I don't know what to get...what should I get? What are you getting?" drive me mental. Lucky me I married one. (They invariably choose something they dislike.)

People who wander through life looking for things to boycott drive me mental.

People who are stressed and depressed AND WANT ME TO JOIN IN real-l-l-l-l-l-ly drive me mental.

OK, show's over, move along, nothing to see here.



Sarah Louise said…
What is a pocket square?
--erica said…
Oh I never have that problem at resturants. I usually know what I want immediately and if I like it, order it every time.
Poppy Buxom said…
Joke opined:

I have to work hard to not think of men who don't wear pocket squares as utter rubes.

Ahem. That Stud Muffin I Married would rather have electrodes applied to his naughty bits than be seen in public wearing anything he considers "stupid-looking."

The list includes, but is not limited to: pocket squares; colored shirts with white collars and cuffs; cufflinks worn during the day; suspenders; hair products; fragrance of any sort; double breasted jackets; spread-collared shirts; the Windsor knot.

Just call him "Jethro."

I am secretly pleased NOS is turning into a food snob.

Oh how nice. This will make our shared restaurant time even more delightful.

I think Ann Coulter is hilarious.

I don't know about hilarious ... but for the rabid offspring of a male giraffe and Veronica Lake, she is fairly amusing--bringing to mind what Dr. Johnson said about dogs preaching.
Carolyn said…
So, when the person with you at the restaurant orders something they don't like, do they pick off your plate?
Joke said…

TSMYM is 10000% right about Windsor knots!


PS a pocket square is a handkerchief discreetly peeking out of a suit or sports coat breat spocket. It is impossible to be a truly well dressed man without this. (This is one of those uncomfortable truths.)
Joke said…
Pick, no. Taste, yes.


PS What's worse is to get the "What do I like?"
blackbird said…
Ann Coulter? renders me unable to place an order at a restaurant.
I avoid her at all costs.

(I'm doing my confession post via other people's comments.)
Sarah Louise said…
True Confessions: I have no idea who Ann Coulter is (though I'll google her now).

One can live a good life without pocket squares or Ann Coulter. Not knowing what to order presents a problem.
BabelBabe said…
A sports coat breat spocket? Is this the latest thing in menswear? Do tell...

And Ann Coulter? Makes me nauseated, thus rendering moot the issue of what to order or how to order it.
Joke said…

Hey! YOU are the one who wrote about "moist people."

Poppy Buxom said…
So if Ann Coulter is funny, what about Rush Limbaugh? Is he as funny as Coulter, and are we talking on or off of painkillers?

His, I mean. When I'm using painkillers, everyone is funny.
Joke said…
He's not mean enough to be hilarious.

Gina said…
Do you find AC funny because of the way she makes people so freaking furious?
Joke said…
Not really that. I pretty much take care of infuriating anyone whom I think needs it.

I just have a strange sense of humor.

Kim said…
Good LORD you must have peeked at our blog of late and just run for the hills - I tend to wallow every now and then and drag whoever I can down into the mud with me.
I have no idea who this Ann Coulter woman is.
And the incapable of ordering people - I hear you and am in complete agreeance. Just black out your mind and choose something FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
Joke said…

I heard the wallowing thing was more for cooling-off than anything else.

Poppy Buxom said…
Ah, but hasn't Ann Coulter written a couple of best-selling books? And doesn't she have a popular website? And doesn't she do a lot of public speaking and make a lot of television appearances?

I was under the impression that she's both well-known and quite popular. (Commenters to your blog notwithstanding.) This leads me to believe that your sense of humor isn't actually all that strange.

Whereas mine definitely is, because I don't think anyone is funny.

And this means I'm stranger than you, Joke.


I run rings 'round you logically.

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