Consolation Prize

In an effort to goose things up AND clear my shelves of duplicate titles, etc., I hereby announce the consolation prize (for the person who makes up the best answers to the questions on the quiz (see previous post).

This is a duplicate of one of my favorite cookbooks: Italy by Julia Della Croce. The recipes are all fresh, authentically Italian (as opposed to Italian-American which is a somewhat different thing) cookbook, filled with lots of regional favorites, lighter and fresher recipes and will prove the sort of thing that will have you sprinting for the nearest farmers market.

The author is a former contributor to Cook's Illustrated, thereby earning my instant respect and admiration. I can vouch for systematically making every recipe in this book.

Because I am a Hell of a guy, I'll send you the version which I have studiously never splattered with EVOO, tomato juice or balsamic vinegar. Shipping's on me, too.

So, have at it.

Your pal,



blackbird said…
hmmm, well, this certainly adds a new twist, doesn't it...
jujube said…
OK, what is the prize for coming up with the best sidebar competition?
Badger said…
Have you had any actual takers? My eyes glazed over somewhere around the 4th question, but then I have attention span issues.
blackbird said…
all right -

I'm up.
--erica said…
um. I just read a few of these answers. Perhaps you are reconsidering this contest idea?
I didn't get past the first question. Attention span issues here too.

I don't even use the same Braun mixer that I actually own.

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