I'm loving it.

Finally, equal time for guys obsessed with their skin.


As a bonus, this is written by one the funniest, best writers around: Corey Greenberg, who went from being an A/V guru (he was one of the original writers for Home Theater Technology Magazine in the early 1990s, then at Sound & Vision and finally editor for Audio Magazine) to being a big wheel in matters of shaving.

Don't ask.

Even if you have less than zero interest in how men ought drag ridiculously sharp bits of metal across their faces every day, read this blog for the peerless prose.



MsCellania said…
This was a hoot! "Soap up your pits etc and then put back in your nipple rings"

I assume this blog is All Shave All the Time.

And I asked Ms. Buxom to email you for me.

and goheku (WV)
Joke said…
Yeah, hence the name "shaveblog!" When I met Badge, Poppy & Jujube it was in a hunk of Usenet where a great majority of the exchanges had to do with women discussing skin care, cosmetics, etc. and the men with no gender identity issues pretty much just chimed in to see where you could buy [discontinued item] online.


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