Dig the most excellent Tirn LayzeII lithograph I just got.

That was the highlight of my day. Not that my day sucked, mind you. It didn't, it just had suckoid moments.

Today was my goddaughter (TFBIM's niece)'s 1st Communion and so we schlepped to that. It takes some getting used to how they do things at their parish vs. ours. Ours is one of the last hardass, old-timey High Church Roman Catholic places left, while theirs is...um...not. As Poppy would (rightly) say, it's utterly lacking in the yells, bells and smells; whereas ovah heah, it's so traditional and classical and swimming in incense and Latin that High Church Anglicans might confuse it for one of theirs. Theirs has bongos.

But, suffering is redemptive saith the Catechism, and so we chalked that up as easily redeemable coupons if we get to Purgatory. The boys looks ultra-spiffed, and I took the opportunity to wear my favorite (yes, it's pink) shirt along with the blazer I had made the penultimate time I was in Chicago. The reception was at a Famous Fancy National Steakhouse place, and it must have cost my BiL so much that he can now look at Lance Armstrong square in the eye and say "Yep. Know what ya mean."

The funny thing was that it wasn't all that impressive. I mean, yeah, I'm sure BiL's bill was, indeed, eyewateringly impressive. But the food was sort of "meh." At least they were generous with the wine, and it was a decent wine at that. Cake was good, too. Also, it was pretty close to our house (the ceremony was not) and NOS wanted to go do a sleepover, so we had a short hop with NTS and that made things a Hell of a lot better, because the wine had made us ridiculously sleepy. In fact, I'm so sleepy, I may actually fall asleep before 11pm.

The impressive part was that NTS sat there and behaved. He sat through the long-ish Mass, he had most of his lunch (grilled chicken & steak fries) and all his milk and a cubic yard of bread and a gallon of ice cream. In fact, it took him a full 6 hours to come up to me, take me by the hand and say "Let's go." This is way big news.

When I first sat down to jot this down, I had a point, I swear. Blanking on what that might have been, but there ya go. Blame the wine.



MsCellania said…
WOW Layzell is young - I've never heard of him, but we haven't purchased any art for quite a while. I've been eyeing the huge Elephant Charge by Neiman but my gosh, it's gotten outta sight.

And a church with BONGOS? Only in a bad Guitar Mass. I remember when the priests turned around and faced the congretation, and soon thereafter they decided to let the hippies bring in guitars and tambourines I swear to keep us all awake. Bad combination. And that shaking of hands and saying 'Peace be with you' - ACK! HATE IT!

Sorry for your BIL that the meal was a disappointment. They woulda been better off doing potluck. When do children do Confirmations these days?

Gad, I'm sitting here wtih the windows open and it's Prom Night tonight. Lots of big limos tooling around the development, and lots of cars speeding by too. Lots of hooting and honking. I hope all these chilluns make it home safe...
Joke said…
Layzell is a biggish deal in "motor art." He has other stuff, but I like his pop-art type of stuff.

And, sadly, bongos-and-tambourines are far closer to being the norm than chant-y stuff.

Not crazy about the hand shaking thing, either.

Joke said…
P.S. As re. art, I love getting lithographs by Carl Barks (seeing as how his oils--when they sell--go for mid-six figs) but after he died at age 96 (!) things that would sell for $125-$150 now run $700-$800. Frankly, I have trouble justifying that kinda coin for Donald Duck & Uncle Scrooge.
Poppy Buxom said…
Hey, when did that whole Peace thing start? I get confused because until my confirmation, I didn't stay for the entire service. I don't remember it from when I was a kid, but when did it start?
Poppy Buxom said…
p.s. Bongos?

No wonder you guys have Anglican Use parishes. There is NO WAY you're going to get my people to convert if they're going to have to listen to bongos. Or guitars. We would rather spend more time in Purgatory in the next life than spend a single second listening to bongos in this.
MsCellania said…
I think they've been doing that hand-shaking shite for at least 20 years. I remember being in Europe and going to Mass, and thinking "Oh thank god they don't do that peace-be-with-you crap here" But the lighting of the votives? Ohmygosh - and there was always some black-scarved crone 'in charge' of the candles and lighting sticks and whatnot. I got my hand slapped in Athens while lighting a candle for my Irish gran. The crone hissed at me too! Seems I hadn't put down enough bakshish - well, I was confused which coin was what!

Every time I see the guitars come out at Mass I think of the guitar-toting nun in that 1980s movie Airplane. And bust out laughing.

And J - I have a Real Hard time with the prices of Pop Art. Like it passing by in a gallery or museum, but at home? Everyday? Nah. It would have to be priced to change out often.
Joke said…

Yeh, they had a nun like that but IRL these nuns are invariably unhabited.

As re. the Carl Barks lithographs, I'm fortunate to have picked up 2 large and 2 small ones before he died. I thought they were sorta steep then, but now they are ridiculous. The Layzell stuff is still reasonable especially on eBay.

Poppy, an Anglican Use RC would suit me so well, I'd freak out.

Poppy Buxom said…
Yeah, you'd freak. The nuns at the church I went to today wear habits and don't smack you for not putting enough money down for the candles. And the music is good. The Mary statues had crowns of flowers, and we sang "Salve Regina."

You'd have felt right at home.

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