Furniture crisis--solved! (I hope.)

Dear Reader,

Today, I--not being even the barest approximation of a progressive sort of husband--decided to get all proactive on the matter of our abysmal dining room furniture. I figured that, since Mother's Day is essentially at our throats, I should just go scoping around for something that met our basic criteria, my tastes AND which would not make TFBIM flee our house screaming like her hair was afire.

So, "what do things look on the far bank of the Rubicon?" I hear you asking. Like Master Yoda would say: "Patience!" The story is she went off with NTS (who was in a mighty pissy mood today I'll have you know) to shop for her gift to my MiL, and I took NOS after our Sunday round o' golf. We stopped at a few places (I'm quite expedient when I am on a mission) and seeing nothing which tingled my furniture nerves, I was feeling downcast until I walked by the Pottery Barn window. There it was. It seems a pretty acceptable, pretty Solomonic solution to our quandary and after ascertaining all the details I plunked plastic on the counter and effected purchase. This is it and this is the buffet, (everything is in the same shade as the buffet) with the china cabinet TBA.

What I wanted to do but realize it'd put TFBIM at the doorway with a dagger to her own throat was to get the buffet in black and then pair that up with a china cabinet made by this one topped by this other one. Or, perhaps this china cabinet, but I know that, in either case, black'd be a no-go. Alas. Even if I think it'd kick ass with all our silver & crystal bar things.

Oh, and I also got really cool miniature champagne buckets for individual splits of champagne or more likely--especially if you knew our crowd--bottles of bizarro microbrewed beer.

More on the cabinet situation as it develops.


P.S. Poppy, the bourbon TSMYM loved is called Woodford Reserve.


Poppy Buxom said…
Oooh. I like that big tall secretary bulging with cocktail equipment. I swear, I'm fanning myself ovah heah.

But I would like it. I mean, a secretary is ordinarily used for storing books and papers--stuff for stuffing the brain--when for me, life is more about destroying brain cells than occupying them.

Any chance you like the style and could paint the black stuff to go with the dining room table?

Thanks for the bourbon tip. I've got another one for you; last night TSMIM had a couple of snifters of Grand Marnier's Navan vanilla-flavored cognac and pronounced it yummy.

Joke said…
Personally, I am tres fond of the bar-cum-secretary, ESPECIALLY in black. I think the general color tenor of bar gear (i.e., crystal & silvery) just kicks major arse against black cabinetry, especially if the walls are painted in rich, darkish, clubby* colors, with black & white prints as collateral decor.

But that's just me. TFBIM is someone who likes things flouncier than Mario Buatta & Laura Ashley's love child. Having said that we COULD get the secretary and have it refinished to suit, but that seems to me to be The Last Resort.


* I get all hot for "clubby" but y'all knew that.

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