Me too, also.

Dear Internet,

Y'know what I hate?

I hate it when I've been working on a really cool post, something new and original and fresh...and someone beats me to the punch. This is what turned Brian Wilson into a first class passenger on The Disoriented Express. You slave, and sweat to release Pet Sounds and the Beatles issue go one better with Smile and Sgt. Pepper comes out.

What REALLY galls is when the post in question is by someone you like. It doesn't matter if you have an really unusual take on a thing, or it's exceptionally well-written, or it's hysterically funny. You're only gilding the "Yeah, me too!" lily.

So anyway, I had been working on a post (inspired by a RL pal who married a guy who's a vegan...oy) about how people who are finicky would be wildly incompatible with a foodie. In my case, a perfect dealbreaker. I was going to say that it happens more than you'd think. A client of mine married a woman who won't eat beef or anything with leaves. Another friend married someone who won't eat anything that didn't emerge from a can, box or (maybe) freezer...and considers (really!) A1 steak sauce too fancy. ("I dunno why they call it Hamburger's so damned good by itself.")

In my case, I got off lucky.

TFBIM knew I was a foodie and my parents were foodie-friendly. (My sister got weird in her teens...we don't talk about her preferences. Well, not to her face.) So even if she thought that vegetables were ABOMINABLE (and she did) and any meal that didn't include a half-pound of cow might as well be grog and hardtack, she contractually agreed to let me feed her so long as we both shall live. Now that we have kids and we have to set a good example, I see her bravely eating porcini, or blue cheese, or lamb or sushi or Thai food or gnocchi. She may not like these (at least she no longer hates these) but she eats them. She still hasn't shaken her fondness for weird-@$$ overprocessed $#!+ foods, but we're making progress.

The lovely and gracious Gina said something (I paraphrase) that spoke to me: "I'd derive great pleasure in sneaking the hated foods undetected."

I could get behind that.


P.S. The foods I hate are: Bell peppers, olives, liver. The foods I WILL NOT EAT EVER are: liver and overpreprocessed "snack" $#!+.


Badger said…
Things I will not eat ever: beets, lima beans, mammalian organ meats.

Things I do not particularly enjoy: oysters, tentacles.

Everything else is fair game.
Sarah Louise said…
Never ever offer me brussel sprouts.

Not too crazy about anchovies.

I haven't really thought about this--since I'm usually the one cooking/buying/eating...
Gina said…
I had been feeling ashamed of my sneaky tendencies . . . but now I feel so validated!
Joke said…
Ashamed? I would have trumpeted them. Any idiot can be an innocent, it takes brainpower to be sneaky.

For someone's own good.

Of course.

BabelBabe said…
Oops. Sorry.

I LOVE Brussel sprouts. My theory is that people who don't like Brussel sprouts have never had them prepared well. But then just about anything would taste fine cooked with half a pound of bacon...
Luckily DH and I like almost everything and we cook all sorts of weird things. I love beets especially the golden ones, Brussel sprouts and even liver. I am not fond of oysters or escargot.
Joke said…
I have been known to make a meal of 3 doz. oysters and Abita Amber when I was last in N.O. (OK, so I felt like a walking waterbed afterwards...) but I haven't had liver since 1970.


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