My liver could stand to be hung out on the clothesline to air out.

As the assiduous among the readership may recall, yesterday I had a four hour lunch which involved, among several things, much in the way of Spanish beverages...figure 7 servings over the 4 hours I had to deal with international chamber of commerce-types.

But THEN I had to array myself in finery for a benefit. The lovely and gracious Poppy seethes when the paperwork reads Black Tie* but I like it. I don't like it because I can get away with just throwing on "the uniform." I like it because I look REALLY GOOD. At any rate, this was one of those multihour affair which, blessedly, wrapped up around about midnight (having started around 7ish).

Where it gets weird is when TFBIM pipes up with "I can't believe we're doing this again tomorrow." Which, I hasten to add, came as a total surprise. I thought the thing was next week. To make matters worse, this benefit is an outdoor thing, in the courtyard of a Very Historic Building. You must keep in mind the high yesterday was 94F/34C with 91% relative humidity.

Where I get very pleased with myself--relatively speaking--is that last year when I got roped into something along these lines, I went out and snagged an all-linen outfit. Off-white dinner linen jacket, linen shirt, black linen trousers. All unlined (french facings, for those of you who follow these things) and as comfortable as wearing PJs. Better still, I won't be wearing the same thing as last night because I'm the sort of husband who cares about this sort of thing. Even better is not wearing the same thing the other guys in their ::shudder:: polywool rentalwear, whose ensembles, beyond ill-fitting, are a-braising in said rentalwear. Schadenfreude, they name is Joke.

The part I'm not looking forward to is the relentless assault on my liver. I think I may go work out and hit the sauna. (One also gets a way better shave post-schvitz, BTW)

Yes. Sauna, Good call.


* If it ever read "White Tie" I fear she'd take a convenient bit of cutlery and die the honorable death.


Caro said…
I thought linen wrinkled easily.
Joke said…
1- It rumples.

2- Not in this humidity it doesn't.


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