Imagine, if you'd be so kind...

...that you're a girl. For some of you, gentle reader(s), this oughtn't be much of a stretch. But, for those among you who may not be, play along. Okay? Good.

Now, imagine that all of a sudden it's "that time of the month" and you are cramping so hard your pelvis seems in imminent dangert of cracking. Got that? Excellent.

Further imagine you go to your friendly neighborhood drugstore to purchase some analegesic which allegedly brings to bear some measure of relief to your crampitude. How would you feel if the aisles only beheld pills and capsules directed at prostate health? The more enlightened among you would say "OK, sure, healthy prostates are, by and large, a good and lovely thing...but that doesn't solve MY problem."

That, dear friends, is the situation facing a man who wants to get a new skin/template for his blog. EVERYTHING out there is one of four things:

1- Insulin-blastingly cute. Duckies, bunnies, babies, puppies. Yeah, exactly.
2- Hip chick. Those stylized "shopping girl/diva" illustrations.
3- Hello Kitty and similar. (There is an appalling large subset of Anime-flavored skins, too)
4- The TigerBeat. Lots of cute, future entertainment footnotes, with pouty lips and professionally disheveled hair.

Equal skins, for equal blogs!


Badger said…
1. Okay, but does the fact that you're stuck with your current template cause you physical pain? Does it make you bloat up so your clothes don't fit, cause your face to break out, and make you want to kill people? Because if not, you've got NOTHING, PAL.

2. I don't like any of those options either, which is why I'm stuck with my current (boring) template. And also because I'm afraid if I actually paid for a new one, I wouldn't be able to figure out how to make it work.
Joke said…
1- I feel like this EVERY day. Except for the killing people part. Since I have a prostate, I only want to seize all their assets.

2- My blog is in physical pain, it is bloating so its links don't fit, it's template is breaking out and it makes people want to kill themselves. I'm just translatin'.

3- My current template bites elk knob, big time. But every thing I see would make even ACT-UP (or, if you'd rather, GLAAD) roll their eyes.

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