Those who know me best know I am an absolute whore for vintage sports cars. These same folks know that I am, likewise, an utter strumpet when it comes to watches (Poppy is good and sick of hearing about my three Chopard Mille Miglias, Swiss Army Disney watch, Cartier Tank, TAG Heuer Formula, Heuer Carrera, Heuer Monaco to say nothing of the vintage pocket watches) . Furthermore, my favorites in the former category are all Alfa Romeo and in the latter, Chopard.

Imagine how many pairs of Band-Aids I've had to affix under my shirt when I saw this:

Here's a better look at the face of the piece itself:

(Yes, the car in the ad is the very same model as the one in my blog entry.)

My very favorite car in all of history, commemorated by my favorite watch company in honor of my favorite recurring automotive event?


A mere $4175!


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