Yes, I'm straight...sheesh

This isn't the first time this happens. While TFBIM had another in her interminable series of meetings for one of her nearly-infinite number of organizations to which she belongs, I took the boys out to dinnah. In these circumstances, Johnny Rocket's suggests itself, no so much for the grub, which is y'know, OK, but because there's mighty good shopping nearby and Daddy has several Williams-Sonoma (WS) Gift Cards (GC) to burn.

Alas, there was precious little to capture my interest at WS, but at Pottery Barn (PB) they were--quite inexplicably, if'n you ask me--having a sale. The End of Spring or something equally puzzling, but hey, I'm all about the free market and if there's something I want cheaper than usual, I'll cheerfully shake Adam Smith's Invisible Hand.

As it turns out they had a few area rugs on "Final Clearance!" which to me implies buy them or the KGB will shoot them. In fact, the clearance (as opposed to the finality, of which I remain dubious) was so impressive, I bought more than we have room for. Yes, I will out myself as being a slavering whore for 85% discounts on oriental* rugs.

Check this rug out. (The one I got has khaki & tan instead of the navy & cranberry shown). Since our new dining table stretched out 110" (as opposed to our previous, paltry 68") I plunked coin for the 8' x 10' rug, to replace the current 5' x 8' rug, which has since been banished awaiting some future reassignment.

Originally $1399.99...down to $249!

This one (a respectable 5' x 8') replaces the smallish (4' x 6') one in our living room--since shuttled off to our family room--except in our new rug, the khaki is sort of a dark teal and the light blue magically becomes navy.

Originally $1099...down to $165.

I rule.

Apparently so think the personnel of PB, who aparently have very rigid notions (hey! no snickering!) about a guy who goes in there by himself. Don't even get me started on the whole "wearing a wristwatch on the right" thing.

-Joke, convinced cheapness is the 6th Sense

* Hey, that's what they are called. Don't be hatin' on me.


Badger said…
Whoa! Those are some awesome deals. I wonder if my PB is doing that? Of course, I have carpet except in the kitchen, and rugs on carpet = stupid. So nevermind. I'm still happy for you though.
Joke said…

At such a discount, I would a bought them to staple to the ceiling, considering the 3'x5' rug on which TFBIM dumped nail polish cost $499 back in 1994. In fact, we now have a perfectly wonderful (albeit almost caked with that carpet freshenin' powder TFBIM is fixated on) 5'x8' rug that is homeless.

This is because we have carpet everywhere save for common spaces, and since our boys manage to lay down a grubby layer wherever they tread rugs can be rolled up and sent to the Oriental Rug Cleaners. (The rugs are oriental, the cleaners may--or may not--be Asian. If I upset anyone, I assure you it was occidental.)

However, the point of this thing is to underscore that I seem to have a talent for cheapness. I'm like a basset hound.

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