It's the little things.

I really have nothing worth a whole post, but I do have the bloggish equivalent to a zillion sticky notes. So let me declutter.

The Olympics.
Yes, fine, I'm all rah-rah and patriotic when one of my compatriot wins 37 medals and sets 82 world's records. But the fact they are in China really, really, really bothers me. I don't handle communism* well and the whole happy-clappy vibe as they throw dissidents in prison really gets under my skin. When we were off on vacation, I was quite taken with the Holocaust Museum's exhibit on the Nazi Olympics of 1936 and it was, quite pointedly I thought, in English and Chinese.

I have discovered the ultimate healthy eating trick.
As has been addressed before, my work schedule fluctuates with the seasons and, sadly, so does my boyish figure. Try as I might, my genetic predisposition to graze is a force of nature equivalent to a category 12** hurricane.


In experimenting with my dental hygiene routine, I discovered there is one mouthwash -- which is riddled with positives, BTW -- that has the craving-sapping side benefit of making EVERYTHING taste like toothpaste. And I mean everything. And for a while, too. It's been four hours and it's still going strong, making my teeth and gums the envy of the civilized world as well as all my fave snacks inexpressively unappetizing.

It's the Crest Pro-Health (alcohol free).

The dreaded phone call.
I have been asked to speak at a conference. The speaking part is not a problem, voluble bastid that I am. It's the attending part.


To make matters a trillion times worse, it's on the weekend of Sept. 26-27. When we had planned to go up and loiter in Poppyville arrayed in formal garments. So there is no joy there.

Personal growth.
I want to make my own smoked salmon.

Good news.
The counter guy and the cabinet guy will coordinate to see about fitting our kitchen "real soon."

School starts soon. NOS is just realizing there will be NO GIRLS in his class for the next 7 years. We're bracing.

That is all.


* It's basically socialism -- and we all know my views on THAT -- for psychopaths.

** I made that up. Just go with it.


blackbird said…
The dreaded "real soon."
Who's doing your kitchen, the Three Stooges?
Joke said…
I still have to regale the Internet with the story of the conversion to natural gas and the bureaucratic nightmare needed to effect same.

Poppy Buxom said…
That mouthwash? Is that the stuff that turns one's tongue blue?

Also, loitering in Poppyville? I dinna remember that was planned, laddy. And therefore my feelings are not all that hurt.
Joke said…
It was mentioned in passing, admittedly after several Manhattans.

My feelings are not hurt, but I am displeased.

Joke said…
P.S. I don't think it turns the tongue blue, although it IS blue.
h+b said…
Had another meeting with the bathroom guy yesterday. Last time we spoke ( only 3weeks ago ), the job was to be *complete* by September, starting now.

Now it's "definitely before Christmas"

Major Bedhead said…
I think Alton Brown created his own smoker out of a cardboard box, a heating element and a big flower pot. Lemme look...

Here you go.


Smoker directions:
Joke said…
The problem is that's HOT smoked salmon, not that silky, lush deli-like stuff.


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