Oh, what the Hell. Me too.

It seems everyone is giving away stuff in order to boost readership of his or her blog. Why should I be any different, then?

I can give stuff away.

No problem.

In FACT. I'll give something away to EVERYONE who posts his/her email address in the combox in the next 24 hours. (Anyone chiming in after that your odds are good but not guaranteed. I only have half a box of these.)

A nice, BRAND NEW paperclip. Made of high-tensile strength 4340 stainless steel, with knurled undersides, it is ideal for grasping securely multiple sheets of paper without -- get this -- perforating them. The high malleability of this aerospace-grade steel item makes it possible to grasp multiple papers and also allows to be reshaped to its original configuration. This is because the clip has been forged to approximate shape and then, after cryogenic and repeated heat-treatment phases to reach optimal grain orientation, it's machined to its final shape, stress-relieved, shot-peened and magnafluxed.

Furthermore, it has been coated with a flexible, moistureproof layer of polyvinyl chloride, in a vivid red, This way the paperclip may never rust AND the reams of papers (you'll be using this little beauty a LOT) you've affixed securely therewith may be easily located. It can be yours just for posting your email address in this combox.

So get right on that, OK?



Maddy said…
Oh dear, there appears to be just a smidge of desperation there. We love you still it's just that well.......summer holidays, you know! Chill out, take a break......that kindofa thing!
shula said…

You are a SUCH a bloke.

And I do not do giveaways, no matter how sad the stats. God, I have enough trouble getting the bills mailed off.
Poppy Buxom said…
Who's this everyone of whom you speak? I thought I was the only one.
Stomper Girl said…
don't send me one. The postage to Australia would be more than the worth of the paperclip. However good you claim it is.
Mary said…
Just exactly what SG said!
BabelBabe said…
dude, i love you. (in a platonic sort of way.)
Badger said…
You're so weird.
What Badger said!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I resemble that! Now go to my blog and win yourself some CD's. :)
Major Bedhead said…
One more paper clip would complete my collection.
Caro said…
Were you inspired by the guy who traded up starting with a red paperclip and ending with a house?

Or are you just trying to put the final death knell on my junk drawer?
Maddy said…
Pop over! [tagged you.]

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