...and the hits just keep on coming.

Dear Internet,

It's official, I've come down with something. Last night my sinuses began to act up to the extent my teeth hurt. So I was all stuffy and coughy and I began to run a fever. Silver lining: When you have a fever and start getting chills and start shivering and chattering your teeth (which already have that weird reflected-sinus pain thing) you don't notice the a/c is not working. So that was good.

Things are monumentally tedious ovah heah, but at least we saw some trucks from Duke Power (one of the borrowed crews) inching closer to us. So that could be good.

That's it for now,



BabelBabe said…
i must ask - was there trick-or-treating throughout your electricity-less neighborhood?
Joke said…
Yes-ish. But 1- it started WAY early and 2- Was much less active. The police ran a Halloween thing at the Athletic Complex and there was trick-or-treatage down the main shopping drag, which cost me money on account of there being several Very Nice Stores where my long-suffering wife was delayed in exiting.

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