Stats! (Blackbird gave me the idea...)

I started this blog ten months ago.

I have written 261 posts.

I have uploaded 181 pictures.

The photo of the car that sucks has been viewed 94 times.

The photos from the What Are You Wearing Today FPM have been viewed 458 (!) times.

I usually have about 253* (!) readers.

94% of them are from North America. 5% are from the United Kingdom.

About 15 or so feel comfortable enough to comment on a somewhat regular basis.

Now you know.


* You guys snuck up on me. Hi. Welcome.


blackbird said…
what got me started with this all, aside from the fact that today is the day I began my blog last year, is that Manolo started his blog a few days before I did.
He just got his millionth hit.
I won't even tell you how low my number is -- but it ain't a million...
Joke said…
No, no, no. Not "low."



P.S. I have one blog that is so exclusive even I don't read it.
I have 709 visits to my profile, 356 of which I was reading it myself to see how interesting I look to other people....

Maybe I should check it again.
Joke said…

The rest were just in suspense over the interview.


P.S. Today's word as "gristdog"
Badger said…
I can't believe you bitches have more readers than me. I am way funnier than BOTH of you.

I leave you with today's verification word: rzzrpb

Take that, the both of yas.
Joke said…

Yeah but, you have WAY mo' commenters than anyone.

Poppy Buxom said…
Wait a minute. Did Badge just call Joke a bitch?

Joke said…

I'm just glad I'm not her bitch, and I have the papers to prove it.


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