Things, they sucketh mightily

Well, here it is, Friday. By today we were supposed to have landed at O'Hare, lunched with clients (while TFBIM shopped), had clients sign on the proverbial dotted line, had dinner with Poppy & TSMSM, had a great breakfast, gone shopping and maybe lunch with Poppy & TSMSM, gone to the Joffrey thing, had dinner with Poppy & TSMSM and her stellar pals and returned for a nightcap.

Instead, I am sitting in my car, idling in my driveway with about 50' of phone cord going from my laptop (conveniently connected to the cigarette lighter) to the phone jack in the kitchen. Having a so-so sandwich and wondering if, to top it all off, I'm coming down with something.

Fortunately, we have a generator so our food doesn't spoil, and enough gasoline and batteries and boxed milk and water and canned food and stuff. Yes, we're those people. Also fortunately, the malls are mostly open. Like during Katrina, the Nordstrom was hit and they were having yet another sale. So I grabbed a lot of Ike Behar (3) and Robert Talbott Protocol (4) shirts for a fraction of their $250 MSRP, and Robert Talbott (4) ties for a fraction of their $100 price tag. I nearly made off with a pair of killer Via Spiga for-real crocodile (or was it alligator?) opera pumps, but even at 75% off these weigh in at $650 and alligator (or was it crocodile?) is a bit too casual for opera pumps. They were also a D and not the E or EE I'd like. But still, a good day at the stores to partially make up for the doldrums.

The point is that even in spite of the amazing shopping, I'd rather be hanging out with Poppy in Chicago and having clients throw money at me.

Color me weird,



Poppy Buxom said…
Interestingly enough, people have told me they enjoy hanging out with their clients and having me throw money at them.

Nothing if not versatile,

Joke said…
Remind me of that, we must try it sometime.


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