Life is good, or at least, good-ish.

Just back from dinner at one of those Very High End restaurants, the kind with multiple James Bear Awards on the walls. No, it was not earth-shatteringly good, but it was pretty damned good. Like, B+ good.

The menu is one of those with things like "soft-shell crab dusted in Haitian grits and pan fried, served over a plantain timbale with a guava and balsamic reduction." Which was my appetizer. My main dish was a double cut grilled (organic) veal chop with a panela/lime/soy glaze and coconut-ginger jasmine rice.

We went because it was my BiL's wife's birthday and also my wife's best friend's husband's birthday. (Flowchart upon request.)

There was wine. The wine was good and only 3x the cost of retail. So we had several bottles, just the eight of us. For dessert, I ordered the mocha pot-de-creme, and an espresso. The point of all this is that I the wine (Steele 2003 Pinot Noir) was good and I had more than my share of it.



blackbird said…
I wish you Alka Seltzer.
Joke said…
I woke up surprisingly Not Morning Headed, believe it or else.


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