Oy. One of these weeks.

Dear Internet,

I started having "one of those weeks." I may have to retreat to my Happy Place, so's ya know. And, so you don't feel slighted, here is a doodle (no, not anything I doodled) of my happy place*, to which, if the good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise, we'll be traveling for summer 2006. If things work out REALLY well, we might even buy a little piede-in-terra there.

Your Pal,


* The Italian wine country, BTW. This the part where they make Brunello. Which is yummy.


blackbird said…
-hope it gets better...

(just think of me and smile - the forecast for my weekend of camping? wind, rain, cold.)
We'll have to hold JokeFestXX out there...it'll be bellissimo!
Poppy Buxom said…
Sorry you're having one of those weeks. So have I. I'm retreating to my happy place, too. I picked up a bunch of shelter magazines at Walgreen's today and I'm diving into them and mentally remodelling every piece of real estate in the world.

You will hear from me again when I have finished remodeling the Kremlin.

Kiki said…
If this is to be the new location for Jokefest then I am so there. Mmmmm, Brunello.
Badger said…
What the hell is Brunello, asked the Philistine?

And also, I was totally in my happy place just a little while ago, but then I ran out of olives. I hate when that happens.

And additionally, feel better. For whatever reason. Can I send you another cookbook? The pickings were slim this week, but they still have that same Nigella and a Rocco DiSpirito. And also some sort of barrio thing that looked interesting.

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