The JokeFest Committee

According to the ancient Biblical scrolls and my Official Disney Swiss Army Watch, we're only about 6 months away from JokeFest2006. So, while I wait for the world's longest fax to finish decimating my paper and toner supplies, I thought I would do something useful and that is, post the requirements, duties and whatnots of the JokeFest2006 Committee.

I was going to beg Poppy to chair this committee, since she's an experienced hand at this, but JokeFest is almost certain to provide her with inadequate stress and therefore this offer will be an insult to her very finely honed sensibilities. After all, there are no sponsors to tap, no talent to coordinate, no bizarro catering demands to be met (well, there are a couple of JokeFestians who have some moderate food issues), no meetings to be held for the purposes of berating other committe members whose sole ambition is to appear on the program and, finally, no tickets to sell.

This would be like barging into Alan Greenspan's office to ask what we ought do with that savings bond our friends I & M sent when NTS was born. So y'see what I'm sayin'.

At any rate, here is what needs to be done for JokeFest:

1- Write down the application for an invitation to attend JokeFest. (C)
2- Determine the schedule of events for the weekend before and the weekend after and the actual birthday itself. (These events usually entail: a welcome reception for out-of-towners, the party, a thank-you brunch for out-of-town attendees, a driving tour for my fellow car geeks, some sort of birthday dinner, and maybe an after-party.) (C)
3- Determine the contents (and print them out) of the JokeFest registration packet. (C)
4- Stuff the above into envelopes, in anticipation of mailing labels. (J)
5- Decide on a design for the T-shirts (C)
6- Get the assorted goodies that belong in the goody bags. (Get goody bags, too). (J)
7- Print up maps and suggest airfare and lodging options for out of town attendees. (J)
8- Keep most of my wife's friends at bay, or at worst, segregate them to the lesser of the two parties (as yet to be determined). (J)
9- Plan menus for all events, which involves kitchen planning and/or catering, if the numbers get unwieldy, or if we go do this somewhere off-site. (J)
10- Get decorations for the two main themes (one for each weekend) (J)
11- Ponder the JokeFest gift registry (relax, it's invariably weird-yet-cool but cheap stuff) (J)
12- Update the JokeFest website (haven't touched it JokeFest) (J)

(J) = Joke
(C) = Committee

The one thing that is always a potential for...well, I don't know exactly what, but something is if people's schedules front- or back-load the guest list. That is if hardly anyone can attend on one weekend but almost everyone can attend the other weekend...that will cause some back-to-the-drawing-board meetings. The last time we had a Big Deal JokeFest, the attendees neatly divided almost exactly in half, but that cannot be relied to continue.

Now, if everyone can make it for one weekend, then that makes matters simpler (although, not easier). The night mare scenario is to have something like a 25%-75% split.

So that's where we are right now.


P.S. has the following lodging options:

**** Condo (I guesstimate this to be the Ritz-Carlton in Coconut Grove) for $145/night
**** Suite (I guesstimate this to be The Biltmore) for $166/night
*** Hotel Room (I guesstimate this to be The Mayfair) for $55!


Badger said…
This is beginning to sound a lot like work.
Joke said…
It only seems that way. The hardest part, actually is assembling the goody bags. And the cooking, if any.

jujube said…
The Mayfair is a great place from which to make JokeFest homebase--HUGE rooms (bigger than my apartment), every room with a private patio and private hot tub outside and an overabundance of details.

And now it looks like it is under new management. Hmmm. Could be even nicer now.

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