The two Jokes.

You may be wondering; scratching your head, even. Is this a tag-team blog? On the one hand you have a guy who waxes lyrical on wine, food, custom shirts, cufflinks, watches and collectible sports cars.

On the other, you have the guy who collects Donald Duck and SHAG lithographs and gets all hopped up about flying to Disneyland after visiting Disney World.

So I get excited about both golfing and about getting to go surfing. Or freely admitting to drinking Corona (yes, with lime) along with crazy-weird single malt Scotch. I have actually driven across the state to find hot dogs.

I'm all hardcore papist but, as Badge/Poppy/Jujube will attest, that is not obvious way I express myself. I'm a Goldwater-ite right-winger but 75% my pals are lefties*. I do that whole organic/farmer's market hoedown, but I still dream of Quisp. I go nuts over home theatre stuff--the fancy HD set and all the surround sound gear--and then watch silent films. I can remember every great restaurant in which I have ever dined, but I can't be bothered to remember what day the recycling gets taken out. I'm both a cynic and an optimist. I have THREE tuxedoes (plus a dinner jacket ensemble) and a vast collection of Disney luau shirts. I'm a technology geek who drives ANCIENT ITALIAN CARS.

"Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I am vast; I contain multitudes."**

The funniest thing--assuming there's anything funny at all--about this is that it all strikes me as perfectly normal and not even slightly weird.


* Making friends who agree with you? Where's the challenge in THAT?
** That's Walt Whitman, who ought to know.


BabelBabe said…
and yet we love you anyway...

for a moment there, i thought this post was going to concern Bacchus....
Badger said…
Right pantheon, wrong god.

And you a librarian! Tsk!
Sarah Louise said…
...and I knew it was Walt Whitman before the footnote--heck, I think there must be at least five Sarah Louise's writing my blog:
the librarian, the TV/chick flick addict, the chicklit addict, the emergent Presybterian...who doesn't want to catalog those DVDs.

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