I'm guessing it hit traffic.

[Warning: The item on the other side of the link made MsCellania cry and at her behest I have included this warning.Yes, it IS awful and horrible beyond description. Ya done been warned.]

What could POSSIBLY be holding up Judgment Day?

The world is going to Hell, probably literally.



MsCellania said…
Oh gees this made me cry! Put a warning on this - it is too terrible to even imagine.
Joke said…

Will fix.

Sarah O. said…
What mscellania said!

What drives people to do such things?
Kim said…
I read this at work today and thought, really, when people will do this to their own kin, what hope is there.
Caro said…
I wish I could be the one to have a pleasure to cut something off that man. And I would use a very dull, very rusty knife and do it slowly.

Then I'd start on his toes.
My float said…
Argh. I should have heeded the warning. What hideousness we have descended into.

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