In lighter news

The school called to pick up NOS who had been apparently bitten by some insect to which he seems to be allergic, turning him an indelicate shade of garnet as well as making his skin resemble a relief map of some mountainous land.

It's also raining BUCKETS here.



BabelBabe said…
i hope they're plastic buckets so they don't hurt too much when they hit.
blackbird said…
Suddenly The Tropics don't seem so inviting.
meggie said…
I can sympathise with your son, in a very real way!
Katy said…
I read it first that NOS had bitten a bug to which he seemed to be allergic.

Much funnier that way.
Joke said…
This is not so much anything Tropical, just something related to the Family Fun-Pak of Allergies.


J - this is getting more and more ridiculous. May I suggest a long family vacation somewhere.

Joke said…
Our trip to California is imminent, Deo gratias.

Poppy Buxom said…
Unfortunately, there will probably be bugs there.

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