Taggery du jour

The lovely and gracious Frogdancer has tagged me with the latest meme.

It goes something like this:

5 Random/weird facts about me.

1. I do not own, nor will I wear, nor will I purchase for my sons, any garment with artificial fibers "exclusive of trim." I cannot overstate my views on this.

2. I'm still occasionally surprised by the fact I'm married.

3. I've been involved in one -- extremely microscopic, but still -- for-real miracle. (Don't ask, that's a whole other blog entry...you'll have to stay tuned.)

4. I do not handle being wrong particularly well. Fortunately, this happens quite infrequently, as it's not a pretty sight.

5. Whatever car I'm driving is automatically rendered invisible.

5 places I want to see or see again.

1. Australia. Not just because this blog has become, inadvertently, the vortex for the Australian Knitter's Guild, but because at the age of 40something my fascination is considerably more...er...mature than when I was a but a callow youth with decidedly less illustrious pursuits in mind.

2. The U.K. In general, I like seeing the ways in which the Anglosphere shows overarching similarities and clear differences. Also, London is THE major city for gentlemen to shop for themselves.

3. Italy. You couldn't possibly make a living marketing antidepressants to a population who reflexively shrugs and opens up another bottle of wine. It also happens to be beautiful and riddled with great food.

4. Boston. I couldn't possibly live there without my head exploding, but I love visiting it.

5. Napa Valley. Great food, great wine. These go very far in compensating for the fact you're surrounded by Californians.

There you have it.



Caro said…
I would be insulted by the "surrounded by Californians" comment but I know exactly what you mean. Maybe it's because I'm transplanted from Maine.

You need to rob a bank in your invisible car.
Frogdancer said…
The entry about Australia made me fall out of my chair laughing. (Well, almost.) Reason? I've thought the same thing about your blog. You have a very strong readership here.

It just goes to show that we Aussie knitting types know a good sort when we see... um... read him.
Stomper Girl said…
What is this invisible car thing? Do other cars keep running into you?
Badger said…
I dunno how to break this to you, but this list doesn't even begin to SCRATCH THE SURFACE of what's weird about you.
My float said…
How did you manage to narrow it down to just five?!
Kim said…
Hey, I do NOT knit.
Kim said…
and what Badger said.
I feel very insulted by the Australian Knitters Guild comment.

that would be because I crochet.

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