Yeah, hi.

So then things got hectic.

NOS had a worrisome-but-not-scary bout with his asthma and I had to take him to the doctor and the doctor prescribed aerosol treatments and I had to schlep all of THAT stuff home (NOS looked pretty funny in that mask thingy...he put on his sunglasses and pretended to be a fighter pilot.

The good news on NOS is that the doctor found that his weight was increasing as hoped. (We'd taken him in because he's not growing as quickly as he ought, and found out that in his case it was due to not ingesting anything voluntarily in the last couple of years. Since then he has been having four biggish meals AND protein shakes and has put on six lean pounds in a month. The doctor expected him to put on one and a half; that's how much undereating was going on.)

NTS got the nasty cold that TFBIM -- more on her in a second -- and NOS had but in his case the usual "may cause drowsiness/do not operate heavy machinery" medications made him atomically hyper, so much that he was only getting 4 hours of sleep per night and bouncing off the ceiling (while yodeling at the top of his voice) the rest of the time. And demanding eggs. (Don't ask.)

This all led to the weekend, which, as failed weekends do, involved too many social committments and not nearly enough time for me to sit inside my own head. It is inside my own head, dear Internet, where these little missives of mine are composed and if I am kept without, this blog suffers greatly.

It was, besides Overloaded with Social Committment Weekend, also Tragic Friend Weekend and I had to cope with several who have to deal with either being dumped by the person (it was believed by all, except Your Resident Cynic) would eventually prove to be the spouse or being downsized from a DREAM job and now cannot find another one that allows for similar levels of overpaid/underworked fun, or both; yet another has been obsessing about the side effects of Levaqin (some of which are present, but not all are).

(Incidentally, if your Doctor prescribes Levaqin (or anything similar) be VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY careful. The side effects are pretty awful and more common than many believe. Put it this way: I wouldn't take it unless the alternative was death, and even then I'd mull it over.)

TFBIM's cold medicine, in combination, gave her nightmares. TFBIM's nightmares are the sort where you think a possessed Rottweiler with muscle spasms has been strapped to your side. You are treated to a full-on performance piece. I have the bruises to prove it, too. Normally these involve the sorts of scenarios that would have pleased medieaval dungeon-keepers and TFBIM likes to give full-throated voice to her characters, so it's also a surround-sound thing as well.

So that's what's kept me off the blogosphere.

Imagine if I took up knitting.



BabelBabe said…
as long as you don't knit in bed, you should be safe...
blackbird said…
I'm trying to picture you knitting.

Never mind.
No I'm not.
Levaqin doesn't bother me. Or maybe I'm just dead already.
Badger said…
It's a good thing you only require something like 90 minutes of sleep per night. That's all I can say.
MsCellania said…
Yes, I was thinking the same thing; thank God the man doesn't need much sleep, if any.
You must have to take their uniform trousers to be altered - those things are HUGE in the waist! Good he's gaining weight - did they say to add some probiotics or digestive enzymes...just an idea...
Remind me to offer you guys the soundproof media room when you come to visit...
Joke said…
The problem is mostly that he won't ingest ANYTHING unless we go all foie gras on him.

He'd rather just chatter freely at dinner.


Yes thought things had gone a little quiet over theah.

So you are ALL having a bad run with health stuff.

Hope things are on the improve.
Kim said…
Dude, if you start crafting on me I am going to have to come over there and whip.your.arse.

And not in a good way.
Stomper Girl said…
Hope you are all recovered. I sympathise about TFBYM's night terrors, Fixit has really full-on nightmares too. I have to wake him by shouting because he is very prone to lashing out otherwise and he is much bigger and stronger than me!

Thanks for the qantas thing, we had a good chuckle.
Joke said…
The worst thing to happen to me while dreaming was dreaming I was at the dentist and in my sleep spitting on TFBIM.

She didn't take it well, incidentally.

Kim said…
OK I'm telling you this story not because I think it will be the case with NOS but just because it reminded me of it.

A friend of mine's youngest son has obsessive compulsive disorder and recently had this whole 'incident' of thinking something was in his hair/then in his eye - it was a spot in his eye he couldn't dislodge.

It turned out (after many weeks of seriously harmful stress levels for any parent) that he had a lesion on his brain that may have come from a very minor stroke due to severe vitamin deficiencies.

Isn't that scary and horrible. But basically he is a 16 year old kid with his own issues which manifest in the types of food he will eat - and the implications have been beyond anything his parents or any of us could even imagine.

So keep plying him with those protein shakes!

(I'm really fearful of posting this as I fear I am turning into my mother, the queen of the inappropriate comment, who if someone tells her something turns around and asks them some horrendous question about it - putting something into their minds they hadn't even thought of. That or providing a story of a hideous outcome of a similar situation...)
Joke said…
The good thing about NOS is that he will eat anything.

He just won't (voluntarily) eat more than three forkfuls.


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