The ultimate inappropriate crush.

I'm in love with a woman who drives, not a badass minivan, but a minivan like a badass.




Badger said…
Erm, dude? That's not a minivan. I think a minivan would have been WAY easier. So, that makes her EVEN MORE badass.
Stomper Girl said…
Fantastic. "eenglish oaf on a bike." Cracked me up.

Will have to show that to Fixit and Climber when they get home. Although if Climber finds out he can get Top Gear on the computer there might be trouble. We could end up running through our monthly download limit in even less time than we do currently.
Kim said…
She was sweating everywhere...
Joke said…
B - They all look alike to me.
SG - If you ever win a lottery, drag Fixit to the Nurburgring track. Yes, sure, some German girl might call him an Aussie [insert expletive of choice] as she blows by in a scooter or oxcart or solar-powered trycicle...but still, great fun.

K - She was not. She was glowing.


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