And then afterwards...

Dear Internet,

For Christmas I received a GC thing to the Charles Tyrwhitt website. Having finally had enough time to wade through their site, and prompted by one of their ::cough, cough:: infrequent emails to the effect there was ::cough, cough:: an all-too-rare sale, off I went and effected purchases.

Well, the day before yesterday they arrived. One was a solid lilac (What? Shut UP!) 180s cotton shirt, and the other a navy check over white (think monochrome tattersall or graph paper, only the lines are navy and not light blue) Sea Island cotton shirt. Both had spread (not cutaway) collars and french (double, for my UK/ANZ pals) cuffs. Please ignore the cufflinks in the pictures.

The fit is actually quite nice and damned close to MTM (maybe I'm just lucky the mannequin over at CT and I share most of the same physiognomical anomalies), the workmanship superior (only a bit of rough stitching on one shirt) and the fabrics--as yet unlaundered, so stay tuned--really, really pleasing to the skin...they feel as if they had been stored in an air-conditioned room.

Now, the check was printed rather than woven (you could see that when you turned the shirt inside out) thus earning a slight demerit, and the sleeves on either shirt did NOT have gauntlet buttons...which was quite a jar to my sensibilities. However, the collar DID meet in the ideal /\ (as opposed to / \) way, and the french/double cuffs had two sets of "inside" buttonholes, to compensate for any asymmetry in one's arms' length. The cuffs were also pleasingly snug on the wrist, so one's forearm didn't feel like the clapper inside of a bell when moving one's arm a bit. Nice. Also, the cuffs were attached to the sleeve via a series of teeny pleats which is the best (albeit expensive) way to do this, instead of the more cost effective tapering of the sleeve.

I'm not sure I'd be willing to pony up full retail (What do I look like? The male equivalent of Poppy?) for shirts that have no gauntlet buttons and have unwoven checks, but for a sale price of $50 or so, CT shirts are a steal, even if you DO have to take them to the tailor to add gauntlet buttons. Now you know.

And NO, one cannot see either of my chest hairs nor can one see any Joke-nippleage through the fabric. Please do not make me prove this.


P.S. The plackets are the fold-and-stitch type, not the separate kind.


Gina said…
So you're saying that would one only require an undershirt with these garments if he produced prodigious (or at last pronounced)perspiration? That nipples won't be noticed at all? That the fabric is thick enough that its colors are sufficiently rich and vivid against flesh, rather than against the canvas and undershirt offers?

I'm not trying to be contentious. Maybe I've just not been around enough high quality menswear to be convinced that undershirts are unnecessary.
Joke said…
I know you aren't being contentious.

I am saying that IF a man is not overly perspirant (i.e., to the extent that he can overcome the effects of a quality anti-perspirant) AND the fabric is woven sufficiently tight (not necessarily thick, mind you) then undershirts are unnecessary.

Nothing whatsoever shows. I promise.

Put another way, IF a shirt requires the woeful crutch of an undershirt, it's not a good shirt.

I'm shuddering at the visual of an undershirt showing underneath a dress shirt.

Badger said…
Can you please stop saying "Joke-nippleage"? It's giving me nightmares like you don't want to know.
blackbird said…
you are just begging for me to demand that you prove the opacity of the shirts.

but I won't.
BabelBabe said…
oh god. I'm SO with Badger - Joke nippleage? And you give us grief over diva cups and netipots?
Joke said…
Um...BabBab...refresh my memory...who was the one who said:Why do I find the phrase Joke-*****age so amusing? I think because it reminds me of the episode of Sex and the City with the artifical nipples.?

The point remains that you can't see anything of my actual person through these shirts, including Those That Must Not Be Named.

BabelBabe said…
I can find it amusing and revolting at the same time. I find many things that way.

Please tell me those are also not your ties, in addition to those not being your cufflinks? I'm already a little concerned about the lilac shirt as it is. Not sure men can pull off lilac.
Joke said…
Correct, also not my ties. Yes, it takes an extraordinary man to pull off lilac.

But not with brown. Such a thing is completely, totally, thoroughly impossible.


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