A contest!

As the regular readers of this blog will know, I am a big fan of free markets. No, not markets where everything is free--although that'd be cool, especially if I got there before everyone went broke--but Ye Olde Adam Smith/Wealth of Nations type of thing.

As a function of that, I believe the single best way to get people to do anything is sheer incentive. Sometimes that incentive is negative ("If you get sent to the principal's office, you're grounded.") and sometimes it's positive ("If you get an 'A' in your next test, I'll buy you something from the bookstore.")

Well, I want to improve my lurker:commenter ratio. So I will hereby issue positive incentive.

A contest then, and everyone--even regulars here--can participate.

The prize: A Braun MR30 Multipractic Stick Blender WITH the mini-chop attachment thingy (not pictured but it's this one), I'll even throw in shipping anywhere in the USA/Canada, possibly elsewhere in the world if it's not outrageous. (Winner is responsible for all duties, customs, taxes, etc.) It was a duplicate wedding gift that I never used. I have no idea where the beaker thingy went, and the box hasn't been seen in a decade, but it works flawlessly. I'll even start posting recipes in which this immersion blender is the star.

The contest: A quiz based on the ramblings in this blog.

The rules: A quiz will be posted here in the next couple of days. Answer the questions on YOUR blog (Not on the comments section of the post! You will be ridiculed and taunted.) but add a comment on the post where the quiz appears (so I know you are participating). Contest will run, say, 10 days.

Start brushing up!



julia said…
I'll play. I lust after all things kitcheny-gadgety. I had a Braun multi-mix, with the food chopper and stick blender attachments but somewhere in my many perambulations, they got lost and all I have left is the blender and the chopper container.
Badger said…
So you're NOT going to buy me something from the bookstore? Damn.
blackbird said…
yer gonna hafta level the playing field somehow...
elsewise Poppy is sure to win.
daysgoby said…
It's shiny! And pretty!

I'm in.
Sarah Louise said…
Fascinating...bring it on. But truly, I think Poppy would probably win...
Poppy Buxom said…
Don't worry--I'll stay out of this. I have all the sex toys I need.
Joke said…
Well. Okay, then. Remind me to skip the pureed carrot soup next time we visit.

Now...NOBODY will start with an unfair advantage because ALL answers will be available in the archives of this blog.

The questions will not be "Where did Poppy intend to take me for dinner when she made me schlep all over Boston?"

Rather, they will be along the lines of "Under what circumstances are undershirts appropriate for men?"

People who have been following me since my actively USENET-y days such as Badge, Jujube and Poppy will not have any unfair advantage.


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