Sick and tired.

I am sick and tired of brown and pink, brown and baby-blue, etc. It is not, nor has it ever been, attractive or flattering to anyone.

Stop it.

Thank you,



Tonight's outfit: Oscar brown, camel, medium and baby blue tweed skirt, camel turtleneck, baby blue cardigan fitted with mop buttons and collar, grandmother's cameo on silver chain, DY silver and gold earrings, brown knee high Cole Haan boots and brown suede hobo bag.
So there brown and blue hater!
blackbird said…
oh dear oh dear oh dear --

presently wearing turquoise-y deep vee neck tee shirt with chocolate brown tank top underneath...

and the wedding, of My Cousin The Bride?
pink and brown.
BabelBabe said…
My living room walls are wedgwood blue; the carpet is creamy chocolate brown as are the curtains and the sofa.
I'm sorry.

The trimwork is all pale creamy almost-yellow white, though - does that help matters any?
Poppy Buxom said…
Yesterday I wore a purple wool turtleneck, jeans with purple, lilac, and olive green embroidery, brown socks, brown clogs, a purple and brown and gold and lilac patchwork tote back, brown suede gloves with gold trim, a brown toggle coat, and gold jewelry.

I am the _____ and brown iconoclast. I don't need their steenking peenk. Or blue.

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