A desperate plea for help

I want to turn certain vintage-ish cocktail glasses into candles. SOMEWHERE I have seen a gel-like substance that held the wick and functioned as the wax in a "regular" candle.




--erica said…
Since no one is commenting..I'll quit lurking and jump in.
All the candle making stuff can be found at Michael's craft store. They carry the gel stuff you're looking for. Do they have them in FL?
Now I'm all curious and want to see these glasses.
Joke said…

Here are the glasses (it's the stock photo, and not a very good stock photo either):


What's the name of the gel stuff?


P.S. Yeah, we have Michael's Stores here!
blackbird said…
the gel stuff.
at Michaels.
no idea what it is called.

ah, here it is.
BabelBabe said…
Another idea I saw recently at a fundraiser and thought was VERY cute - colored sand in the glasses, with little votives or tea lights stuck in it. Maybe not formal enough though?
Joke said…
The prob. with sand is not the informality, but the spillability.


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