In which the dowry plummets... a dot-com stock when the CEO disappears to Argentina.

Today NOS returned from school, his goody bag fairly well supplied with chocolates and other Valentinian treats. NOS being my NOS, he sat at the dining room table and began to sort out the candies into separate piles, according to category. I glance over his shoulder and I see one that has a little St. Valentine's Day tag attached thereto. The tag had a hand-scrawled something which read:

I love you,

-[Blonde girl with the bangs]"

and another

"NOS, you are the cutest boy I love. -[Girl with the green eyes and the glasses.]" and a couple more in a similar vein. I asked, quite casually, NOS about this and he rolled his eyes.

NOS: They say they like me...but they won't leave me alone!!
Me: What about [Freckly girl with the chestnut ponytail], the one you said you kinda liked?"
NOS: She sorta leaves me alone, and she gave out Bubble Yum.
Me: I she still nice?
NOS: Yeah, she gave me Bubble Yum and she left me alone. I think I can still like her.

So I have that going for me.



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Watch out for those fast little hussies. There was a boy I really liked in fourth grade. I used to walk back and forth on the sidewalk across from his home. I did it often. Sadly for me he was in love with Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.
Sarah Louise said…
I just found out that a kid who liked me (scrawny me, in 5th grade) (and I had no clue)(until this Saturday) is selling yacht insurance in Monaco. So you just never know!

Happy Valentine's Day. Did you get the Harry Potters in leather?

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