The Wire Thingy

Dear Internet,

Rejoice. For I have had enough foresight to be both in a blogging mood AND had the camera wire thingy available.

First, here is the complete Braun MultiPractic immersion blender, with beaker, chopper thingy and wall thingy.

All you have to do is outscore everyone in the Great Joke Quiz 2006. I'll post the quiz on March 1st. (I'm debating giving lurkers a bit of extra credit as an incentive)

Secondly, the biscotti went swimmingly. They got all wrapped up pretty-like in cellophane (the stuff that looks like cling wrap, but neither clings nor is so pliable) and tied with raffia. Before you think I am some sort of manly Martha Stewart, I must confess to totally ripping off the idea from NTS's favorite bakery. They sold out quickly, and we had a lot of fun munching on the end bits and the ones that broke apart.

We start out with the good stuff.

NOS's job is to sift the dry ingredients.

Then we cream the butter (and sugars) and mix the wet ingredients. I felt kindly disposed, so I let NOS work the selector on Ye Olde Kitchen Aid.I also let NOS take a picture of the loaves baking. As you can tell, it was a full moon.The finished product, cooling on one of the racks.

Since it was a rainy weekend and I was also grounded (i.e., keeping watch over my grounded offspring) I spent it on a serious Food Network jag. Duly inspired I actually invented something.

Here's what I did: I took out some fresh pasta dough (from the last time I made a bi-i-ig batch) out of the freezer. I also took out leftover grilled mushrooms and leftover roast chicken. I put the mushrooms though the food processor, and then mixed them with an egg (for binding) and salt, pepper and nutmeg. I set a big ol' pot of salted water to boil.

Then I put the leftover chicken (de-boned, DUH) though the food processor as well. I sauteed two slices of prosciutto (Most people like di Parma, but I prefer San Daniele, from the north of Italy, you do whatever), and took them out. In the same pan, I melted a good 2 tablespoons of butter. While the butter was melting and browning, I rolled out the pasta into three lo-o-o-ong sheets. Using a demitasse spoon, I spooned li'l globs of mushroom at regular intervals on the pasta. I wet the pasta with a brush (i.e., drawing a "graph paper" pattern) folded the pasta over and cut out ravioli (I think this sort of shape is technically called pansotti) with a thing that looks like a miniature pizza cutter with a zig-zag edge.

With the butter all melted and its foam subsided, I sauteed 3 medium cloves of garlic over medium low heat, added 6 fresh sage leaves and when it was all nice and fragrant, I tossed in the chicken bits. I deglazed with a bit of white wine and chicken stock (I save stock in an ice cube tray...this was 1 cube's worth) letting the sauce get to a thin syrup.

Toss in the pasta which cooks in far less time than it takes me to type it out. Drain, toss with sauce in the skillet and crumble the prosciutto. Grate fresh asiago and ta-da!

There you have it.



Badger said…
Oh sure. Do the quiz on the one day I'll be all doped up on anesthesia. You're just afraid I'll win.
Joke said… lasts a week. I trust your stupor ends prior to that.

Badger said…
Not if I'm lucky!
blackbird said…
I missed this somehow -

I would have been right over.

(to your house, to eat it.)
BabelBabe said…
i need some biscotti NOW. I am dying here at work. I need coffee and chocolate, pronto! Prego.

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