The decanter problem.

Dear Internet,

I have a question for the assembled.

Over the course of my adult life, I have amassed--if "amassed" is the word I want--a whole bunch* of decanters. Some are tall and slender, others are short and squat, I have ornate-ish Irish cut-crystal ones and sleek Italian deco ones. Poppy has a slew of cocktail shakers, and I have decanters; such is life in a pluralist society.


I thought I ought consolidate these with the contents of many of my half-filled bottles of spirituous liquors. So far, so good.

The thing of it is that most of these spirituous liquors are of that vaguely amber-ish, honey-ish color. It would be too much to ask of me to remember which decanter holds the sherry brandy and which holds the Calvados and which holds the aged rum, especially when I am hosting some sort of gathering and playing bartender. I can only imagine the grimace on Poppy's face if I mistakenly offered her a Perfect Manhattan (straight up) made with one of those impronounceable single-malt Scotches or an Almendrado tequila.

Therefore, I turn to you. I need some sort of attractive type of label/tag thingy for each decanter. Not the ones that say "Scotch" or "Brandy" because I'd be decanting about 3-4 of each and that'd only leave me back at Square Two. I want something casual-but-elegant.

Have at it.

-J., grateful-in-advance.

* 13


jujube said…
hmmm. do you really want to go with visible labels? really? b/c I can't imagine that in your abode.

my top-of-the head alternatives:

1. labels on the bottom of the decanters (hidden).

2. printed photo of the decanters with cheat sheet notes of what is in what hidden in a drawer in the display object that the bartender can consult.

labels pasted on or hanging from decanters or labels like little placecards standing up on the display unit just scream "county fair judging" to me.

but that's just me.

Sarah Louise said…
Oh wow. I have one bottle of rum. The container the rum is in was purchased AT the State Store, and has this really tacky but informative label. But I must say, although the issue is still domestic, it veers from the mommy blog route...I'm dying to hear Badger's solution.
Poppy Buxom said…
I say use Post-It notes.

I promise I won't switch them around.
blackbird said…
um, masking tape and sharpie?

or, china marker.
If the decanters look different just keep a log that describes them and the contents. Don't put labels on them. If you have too many that are alike a discreet sharpie color on the bottom may be ok. I agree with jujube.
Badger said…
I am down with the labels-on-bottom idea too, if you MUST decant.

If 'twere me, however, I would keep the decanters above-bar looking pretty but non-functional, and pour from the actual bottles below-bar.
BabelBabe said…
what about those wine-glass necklace thingeys, obviously a different one for each type of liquor?

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