Hazy Shade of Winter

Dear Internet,

Those of you who live in the tundra* help me out here...when it is substantially colder than your children are accustomed, is it harder to rouse them outa bed to get dressed, have breakfast, etc.?

Or is it just my kids?


* That is, north of Orlando, FL


BabelBabe said…
i would not know, as it is routinely (not anomalously) below freezing here. harumph.

but i would say *I* don't like to move in the cold -- why would they? hibernation instincts kick in.
Joke said…
I roused them out anyway, just that foot-dragging abounded and grumbling was plainly manifest.

Not that it mattered or made a difference to the authoritarian likes of me.

daysgoby said…
Oh yeah. If the air is cold? Lots of whining and wailing.

Ah yes, I am the Mean Old Mom.
Poppy Buxom said…
I find that a programmable thermostat solves any problem with getting out from under the covers. Even mine.
Kids? What about me? I can barely open my eyes before 10am in the dead of winter...Hence why the Northwest is the espresso capital of North America...I actually look forward to getting sick in the winter so I have an excuse to stay home under the covers...
Sarah Louise said…
at the moment it is 25 F. (Below zero for Celcius users.) So I have as much sympathy and advice for you as I do regarding your once a month customer issue. Send us some pictures of snow and we'll talk.

Here's a fact: snow is a mineral. check out http://nsidc.org/snow/faq.html

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