The end is nigh.

This is such a horrifying array of evil omens, I can't even begin to comment.

(Click on the pictures for an expanded view)

And people wonder why I got married as late as I did.



Sarah Louise said…

reading women's magazines will not aid you in your quest to be a mommy blogger.

daysgoby said…
So my ideal man is supposed to scuff around in flat-front jeans, sneakers, a plain white t-shirt, (which simultaneously is supposed to emulate George Clooney's style - has anyone ever seen Clooney in jeans??)a fancy haircut and he's supposed to smell of nothing.(Or Scotch.)

Joke said…
SL- This was from Esquire, which, is still a men's magazine...but at this rate who knows how long that will last.

DGB- The respondents were magazine staffers for women's magazines which accounts for the inconsistencies noted by you.

blackbird said…
okay -

here's the thing...
I totally dress K.
head to toe, he has nothing to do with the clothes on his body, and doesn't want to.
his uniform?
Brooks shirt, old school levis, black belt, black non-descript italian laced shoes -
Brooks overcoat, manhattan portage messenger bag.
he looks pretty damn good, smells of nothing and goes to the barber once a month.

and did esquire call ME?
julia said…
It is a rather schizophrenic survey.

Is there some taboo against flat-front trousers? Most guys I see in pleated-front trousers just look fat, unless they are in very, very good shape.
Joke said…

The preferred order of trouser frontage is:

FORWARD pleats, unpleated and (dead last) reverse pleated. All but one of my suits have forward pleated trousers and my chinos are divided evenly between forward pleats and no pleats.

Now you know.

julia said…
There's so much to learn in this sartorial elegance ballgame.

What, pray tell, is a forward pleat? Or should I not display my gross ignorance and just Google it?
Joke said…
Forward pleats are those in these trousers:

They invariably cost more to make which is why you only see them in brands that are kind of high end-ish and/or REALLY have a lot invested in that whole classic English look. (Alan Flusser, Polo & Purple Label, and all those gigabuck tailors on Savile Row for example.)


julia said…
Thanks for that, I'll have to tell TCBIM. His wardrobe is expanding more quickly than my waistline. Except, what is up with that shade of yellow. With navy. And the $2.00 Wal-Mart flip flops. Yish, ick, ptooey.

One of these days I'm going to pick your brain on where best to buy dress shirts for someone with freakishly long arms. OTR stuff just doesn't cut it, but neither do $200 price tags.

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