Meme, self and I

Swiped from DaysGoBy:

I AM: Serenely self-confident.
I WANT: Peace and quiet.
I WISH: I had my sons' metabolisms.
I HATE: Selfish, cruel children and their abysmal parents.
I MISS: My grandmothers
I FEAR: Hubris.
I HEAR: you knocking, but you can't come in
I WONDER: What it's like to lead a tranquil life
I REGRET: much, but doubt nothing.
I AM NOT: self-judging
I DANCE: while seated
I SING: while driving
I CRY: rarely, but with sincerity
I AM NOT ALWAYS: kind or empathetic
I WRITE: A lot of stuff that I wisely save as a draft.
I CONFUSE: those who half-pay attention to me
I NEED: a DVD player that does everything I want it to
I SHOULD: weed out a lot of my junk
I START: with the best intentions
I FINISH: at an unsustainable pace
I TAG: The usual suspects.



Sarah Louise said…
Happy Easter. I'll file this away for next week.

Joke said…
File, file! I think you have a filing problem. :-)

Happy Easter!

Joke said…

I meant that you you file things on A Professional Basis (implying you had a "filing problem" and needed to get some help to overcome such a habit).

This is, of course, a joke.
(One that sounded funnier in my head.)
See, I knew a man would find it easier to categorise this stuff...

Kim and I have both done this now, thanks to you. But of course ours are all angsty and girly and needy and shit.
Joke said…
The problem with guilt and angst--and I'm not knocking them, mind you--is that they require so.much.effort.

I simply can't spare the neurons, dammit...I have a DVD player to find.

Sarah Louise said…

I do not file things AT ALL unless I have to. I live in the land of piles. I have a true blue *piling* problem. (I know where everything is, see?)


and my neurons are so glad it is you that has to search for the DVD player. Man was I grateful I could buy my friend's, trusting that he did the research, so it was a good one. (He moved to England, and so needed a new one, nothing WRONG with the old one.) All that comparison shopping should be saved for plane ticket prices...

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