Contest #2 Rules and $#!+

Dear Internet,

I'm getting all set to start Contest #2, the grand prize being the His & Hers Guinness Pub Glassware Set which I liberated from an actual pub. Shipping's on me anywhere in the world.

Seeing as how in my youth (Father William replied to his son) most of my Guinness consumption took place amid much loud music and so forth, this contest relates to your MP3 or iPod list.

Write down a list of songs (title & artists, s.v.p.) of, say, a minimum of 20 songs on YOUR list (this is the honor system, so don't make up stuff not actually on your list) and whoever has the most songs in common with my playlist wins. The longer your list, the better your chances. Do not list AUDIO BOOKS. Lurkers get extra credit depending on their lurkitude so far.

Contest ends April 15, 2006.

Void where prohibited, contest winners are responsible for all taxes, licenses, duties, customs charges, processing fees, court costs, legal expenses and providing the Guinness stout for the glasses.

Off you go!



Badger said…
I'm thinking I should recuse myself from this one, since it has already been demonstrated that we have similar (horrific, according to Poppy) taste in music.

And also, the last thing I need on my record is "receiving stolen goods". Again.
Joke said…
Ah, but you get no lurker points at all, so even if you got a 100% matchup, someone like Halloweenlover could barge in and win with, like 4 songs in common.

Badger said…
Oh well fine, then. I'll just sit over here quietly like the chopped livah I am.
Joke said…
AND DON'T GO all Tonya Harding on the new kids, either.

Sarah Louise said…
The thought never crossed my mind until YOU brought it up.

Besides, I'm with Badger on the "receiving stolen goods."

SL, sitting in the chopped livah section with Badger. We're having fun, so there!
jujube said…
I don't have a MP3 player or an iPod, just a satellite radio.

such is the fate of one who reists the electronic music hegemony.
Joke said…


You say you resist such hegemony, BUT aren't YOU the one who is at the mercy of whatever these people want you to hear?

In your case, I'll issue a dispensation. You may use whatever list you WOULD have had had you joined (music playbackwise) the 21st C.

jujube said…
yo, Jokester. I have a portable satellite radio. it's not like I live in a cave or something (duh--I couldn't get any reception if I did). over any given hour I have more music and other programming available to me than any of you mPipod3 people.

don't worry though--I'll be there to welcome y'all to the 22nd century once you make it there.
Peg said…
OK. Here's the honest 100% truth -- the first 25 songs that came up when I set my iPod on shuffle. I'm entering in the What Have I Got To Lose Except My Dignity category (Badger, put your drink down BEFORE you start reading):

1. Silver Palomino, Bruce Springsteen (Devils & Dust)

2. Sussudio, Phil Collins (No Jacket Required)

3. My Uncle Dan McCann, Nick Maloney (Far From the Shamrock Shore)

4. Tennessee Stud, The Chieftains (Down The Old Plank Road)

5. Fair Ellender, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman (Shady Grove)

6. I Walk The Line, Johnny Cash (16 Biggest Hits)

7. My Maria, Martin Sexton (The American)

8. Dear Prudence, Jerry Garcia Band (Live Disc 1)

9. Tuxedo Junction, Glenn Miller (Chattanooga Choo Choo)

10. Love, Love, Love Me Honey Do, Patsy Cline (The Patsy Cline Collection)

11. In The Jailhouse Now, The Soggy Bottom Boys (O Brother Where Art Thou?)

12. Bright Side of the Road, Van Morrison (Best of Van Morrison)

13. First Shot Missed Him, Mississippi John Hurt (Last Sessions)

14. You Are My Sunshine, Mississippi John Hurt (Rediscovered)

15. Seven Wonders, Fleetwood Mac (Tango in the Night)

16. Conscious Evolution, Donna the Buffalo (Live from the American Ballroom)

17. Don't Let Me Down, The Stereophonics (I Am Sam)

18. White Lexus, Mike Doughty (Haughty Melodic)

19. A Shenandoah Lullaby, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman (Not for Kids Only)

20. Ship of Fools, Erasure (The Innocents)

21. The Only Living Boy in New York, Simon and Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water)

22. The Blackberry Bush, Bill Whelan (Dancing At Lughnasa)

23. Someday Soon, Ian & Sylvia (Folk Music at Newport)

24. Narrow Escape, Ray LaMontagne (Trouble)

25. Girl, Tori Amos (Little Earthquakes)

How'd I do?
Joke said…

So far you're winning.


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