A mildly-desperate plea for help

Dear Internet,

As JokeFest draws nigh I would like to gather ideas from the aggregate of readers hereat on the subject of Bar Nibbles.

This year's theme for JokeFest will be a very cocktail party-ish sort of thing and, as my longsuffering wife kindly pointed out, my tastes in edibles are not exactly ::cough, cough:: universally shared.





julia said…
CheeseWhiz on Ritz crackers. Add a jarred, pimento-stuffed green olive for garnish. :D

How about tapas? Or is that too pedestrian?
Carolyn said…
Please don't sniff in disdain, but two popular appetizers out here are spinach dip in a bread bowl and seven layer dip with tortilla chips. It's our humble, peaseant fare.
Carolyn said…
Spelled "peasant" wrong. Oh well.

Word verification is goanex.

Sounds like maxi pads for goats.
blackbird said…
let's see -
my friend? the chef who was on Iron Chef last year once served tiny bits of smoked trout on tiny toast, things that looked like tall cylindrical bud vases with soup in them, topped with creme fraiche, and mini (small as the 'o' you make with your fingers) crab cakes...
blackbird said…
oh wait --

K's mom? minces munster cheese and then mixes it with minced onion and mayo and spreads it on those mini slices of pumpernickle and then puts them under the broiler -
I don't know what it's called, we just call it cheese muck on toast.
Baked potato skins with cheddar, bacon, chives, and topped with sour cream. This is a lower middle class delicacy! (First hand expertise over here...grew up with SEVERAL non-functioning cars parked in the driveway and yard. At any given time there were at least 4)
Badger said…
Okay, wait. You are actually inviting people who don't share your taste in cocktail nibbles? What the HELL, man?!

It's your birthday; make what YOU like, sez I. When it's TFBYMfest, you can bust out the tortilla rollups and sausage balls for HER friends.

I'm also available for marriage counselling, BTW.
MsCellania said…
When we had a big shindig a while back, I cheated and called caterers to see what they were offering. I ended up serving:
carpaccio with some bread/onions/capers/different sauces and tiny white bread toasts
Marinated medium shrimp w/avocado, onions, lime juice, cilantro, olive oil, tomatoes & spices (this went the most quickly)
Baked brie and baked whole garlic bulbs, served with French bread (I know, these are oldies)
Hummus with Stacy's baked pita crisps
3 beers on tap, and nice wines
Cheeses and fruits
Chocolates brought out at the end.

We have alot of vegetarian friends, hence the weird combination.
daysgoby said…
Pick something yummy you love and chop it up into smaller bits.

It's your party, no?
Margie said…

I find that the more effort you put into party food the less of it gets eaten. The one thing that I can guarantee will run out at a party is french onion dip made from soup mix and sour cream. I make tzatziki or skordalia from scratch and end up with 90% of it left. Although I know your opinion of that dip so maybe not...
Maybe you could make some with your recipe listed a little while ago.

Puff pastry pizza scrolls are nice. Spread pizza sauce and grated cheese on puff pastry, roll it up, slice it into wheels and bake it. These are very nice with anchovies through them as well.

Oh and honey joys. Everyone loves honey joys. Made with added chopped peanuts.
Joke said…
I'm still listening. Basically I want stuff that people will pick off a tray from a wandering tray-bearer.

Personally, the thought of having someone in a black tie carrying embossed cocktail napkins and walking around with a tray of supermarket potato chips (crisps, if you must) with a glob of dry-soup mix onion dip, is monumentally hilarious.

MsCellania said…
Well, crap; you left off the bit about the black-tie clad hot and cold running help.

I think tater chips, onion dip and other pedestrian nibbles trotted around on silver serving trays by liveried help would be truly hilarious. I'd do it. But would you eat anything?!

And the latest grub I ran around a party was preprepared appetizers from Costco. Everyone here buys everything from Costco. I swear because it was recognizable, the guests devoured every last bit down to the finish on the plates.
BabelBabe said…
I have a nice recipe for cheese puffs, but they are NOT make-ahead types of things. Also a killer recipe for rosemary walnuts that go very nicely with cocktails. Let me know if you want me to share.
Joke said…
1- I'm not 100% sure about the hot & cold running help.

2- BabBab: DUH.

daysgoby said…
Just saw a neat one - grate potatoes, tuck some in mini (the really small ones) muffin cups (like a nest) bake until golden and crispy. The recipe I saw had spicy sour cream in the middles - might be neat with smoked salmon if you wanted to dress it up.

Babel - Can I have a copy of that too?
Joke said…
Good one! Sort of like mini-latkes, only different.


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